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Photography & Design

I have been creative from an early age on. During the art class at school, I did not excel in cleanliness and color within the lines. My hands and brain were more destined for the computer screen, digital pencil and photo camera.

I use various graphics programs to create a corporate or personal identity for your logo, website, stationery, brochures, business cards, newsletters, banners, etc. Using photography I can bring a nice atmosphere to your website and your newsletters.

My motto is ‘keep it simple’.

In cooperation with Webvortex Webhosting we will make a website that has a professional appearance but is easy for you to maintain. We use a CMS module where you can add the content yourself to your website. Together with BalloonHeaven Photography & Design you can design the identity of your website and carry that trough in your printed material. We can also take photos for your website or printed material.

I can assist you on how to use some of the popular websites for designing printed material. I can also make the design for you that you than can upload and order yourself.